St. Emma, a citycomber in the country


Who are our Saints? What do their daily lives look like? What motivates them? That's what we were wondering, so we decided to investigate! Today we met up with Saint Emma.

What can you tell us about yourself?
I'm 28 years old, and live in the city of Haarlem with my boyfriend. I love cooking and baking, but also enjoy long walks. My favourite places are the city centre, Elswout and the beach. I also love giving old furniture a new lease of life. At my dayjob I advise people on pensions, but like to spend my spare time doing something creative.


We're currently at the Elswout estate. What does this place mean to you?
It's a great place to just relax, and get away from everything. I like walking through the city centre aswell, it gives me the energy and motivation to go out and do something. I come here to enjoy the beautiful nature, and the peace and quiet. I've been coming here since I was a child, so I guess it's also a place that's close to my heart.

"I wish the people who make my clothes knew how much I enjoy them!"

You're wearing our basics. What made you try them?
I make a conscious effort every day to contribute to a better world. There are a million little ways to help. For instance, taking your own mug to work so you don't need plastic cups, or choosing clothing that's been made with compassion for both people and nature. It's so strange to me that there are hundreds of people spending all day in a factory making our clothes, and have no idea where they end up. I'd love it if they knew how much joy their hard work gives me! My preference goes out to companies that work closely with these people, and know exactly where their products come from.


"Give me half the chance and you'll see a totally different Emma"

What are your personal ambitions and hobbies?
One hobby I've taken over from my parents is making and restoring furniture. Instead of 'beachcombers' I like to think of us as 'streetcombers'. You can find the most beautiful things lying around in containers and on the streets – old doors, handmade glass, unloved furniture, etc. When I find something good I can't wait to turn it into something amazing. My job gives me the chance to help people, which is great, but give me half the chance to do what I really want and you'll see a totally different Emma.

What's something you would love to do one day?
Often when you go online you'll come across pictures of people who have built their whole house from recycled materials. If I had the opportunity, I think I would definitely go for it. I think it would be so cool to build my own house, and really like the idea of Tiny Houses. Low-cost living, and the freedom to really do what you love instead of just working to support yourself. Although I'd prefer to have a little more space, I'm totally on board with the idea!


Thanks for being a Saint Emma!