Steady shoppers


When trying to attract customers, the best ones are..the ones that keep coming back! But how do you create a loyal customerbase, and how do you keep them happy? Here are a few tips that work well for our Saints:

be honest
Ofcourse you want to rave about the products you’re promoting, but remember to stay honest. No product or company is perfect, and you trying to convince someone it is will only make them suspicious. It’s much better to address concerns than it is to pretend they don’t exist. 

Example: we often get questions about our choice of eucalyptus. It needs a lot of water, spreads fast and suffocates other flora, and causes huge forest fires in Portugal. So why encourage it’s use? Because the pros heavily outweigh the cons. To minimize the risks above we get all of our wood from carefully managed FSC forests outside of Portugal (mainly South Africa). Here it’s grown on wetlands where it doesn’t need artificial irrigation, is far away from other plants, and taken care of to avoid fires. Maybe not ideal, but definitely safe, thought through and much more sustainable than artificial fibres or cotton. 

By being honest and reliable we've been given a customer rating of 9/10

Be reliable
Decide on what you’re offering, and once you’ve found something that works you stick to it. Want loyal readers? Offer them a new article at predictable times. Loyal shoppers? They’ll want to know when their size is coming back in and (ideally) when to expect something new. Brand loyalty? Make them feel special. We have a customer service rating of 9/10, and we got it by responding quickly, staying friendly and doing everything we can when there’s a problem.  

Loyalty programmes
Ofcourse a little incentive is also important: We have the following loyalty programmes available for our customers:

  • Tell a friend: The best advertisement is word of mouth! So you can give your friends a 20% discount to use in our webshop. When they spend €25 or more, you get 20% too as a thank you.
  • Social content: Fans of our brand can get discounts for sharing a picture of our products on Instagram. When they tag us they get a 20% discount valid for four purchases, and automatically enter a raffle for a €100 giftcard.
  • Newsletter discounts: When you sign up for our newsletter, you automatically receive a €5 discount. On top of that we often give discount codes in our newsletter. 

Depending on the platform you use these may not all work for you, but the point is to make loyalty worth it for your followers. Whether it’s valuable information, discounts or weekly entertainment, there’s something great about you that will keep them coming back!