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St. Luke

The boxer made from eucalyptus

Meet St. Luke, your most comfortable pair of boxers, made from eucalyptus! They are softer than silk, better than bamboo and cooler than cotton.
The eucalyptus fabric is breathing, anti bacterial and moisture controlling, so perfect for underwear. St. Luke has medium legs, no scratchy labels, and a very soft waistband.

95% Tencel™ lyocell, 5% elastane

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It feels good to be a Saint!

Hi there! Did you know you're very close to a very special purchase? Because with our St. Luke eucalyptus boxers, you're doing both yourself and the planet a big favour. Have a look at the benefits of these beautiful boxershorts:


The secret behind the comfort of our collection is TENCEL® lyocell, a relatively new botanic fibre, made out of eucalyptus wood from FSC-managed forests in South-Africa. The fibre has microscopic channels that let the moisture of your body evaporate rapidly. Consequently bacteria have little chance to develop, keeping you nice and fresh.

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The best pants you'll ever own

Such great 'wooden' boxers!
Very comfortable and light.


Very fast delivery. Excellent products


Not only is the cause of SaintBasics great, the St. Luke \'wooden\'-boxers are super soft and fit well.


Product quality good, quick and easy delivery (by regular mail).


Nice website, easy to navigate. Ordering and delivery very efficient. Good quality organic cotton products.


I won't wear any other brand anymore, St. is excellent quality. Web-shop service is fast and spotless.


Quick delivery.


Delivery was fine, shirt and underwear are soft and of sturdy quality, washing them went fine.


High quality underwear, delivery as promised.


All underwear are FINE...!!! VERY GOOD!!!


Fast and correct delivery
and great product and very convenient to wear.


Great service, great products, nothing to complain.


- speedy delivery
- excellent quality of the goods


Quick delivery, no superfluous packaging, everything ok, no complaint whatsoever.


Nice fit and very soft. Unbelievable that it's made from 'wood'. I bought them because of the true sustainable material that is used and that it tooks less water than other fabrics.


Designs are nice.


The new color shorts are really nice and have a smooth fit!


It feels great to wear basics of excellent quality (soft, strong yet light) and also to know that your basics didn't cause unnecessary suffering, in fact, contributed to a happier world.


Fast delivery, good quality, perfect fit. Always a pleasure.


It's my favorite. Very comfortable and gentle elastic.


Perfect quality underwear, very good fit and very durable (for years even). Sustainability of the growth and fabrication is very well organised as is the webservice. Recognizing the durabilty, the products are even cheap or at least wellpriced.


Besides the innovative and sustainable sourcing strategy, the underwear is the most comfortable I have ever worn! It looks good, feels nice and is durable, where in the same time one helps to change the sourcing and way of working in the underwear garment industry.


Not only the most sustainable clothing brand, but also truly great quality!


- good quality
- aim for sustainability
- attitude to change and improve


Underwear of high quality and good looks. Feels very comfortable.


Very good quality and nice feature to help choosing the appropriate sizes of the underwear.


Good fit.


- Clean site
- Easy navigation
- Quick delivery


Fast service and the product exceeds every expectation: it's even better as communicated on their website.


Just basics that feel great!


Great shirt, not too thin, good fit for athletic build


Quick delivery


Very good and comfortable!


Such great 'wooden' boxers! very comfortable and light.



Better for the planet

TENCEL® lyocell is a 'next generation' fibre with excellent ecological properties. Where cotton production is highly water intensive and requires a lot of farmland, the water and land usage of eucalyptus is extremely low. And of course no pesticides or artificial fertilisers are used whatsoever. Please click the percentages below.


Compare eucalyptus to cotton

Environmental load
Water use
Land use


Are you made from the right timber?

So how does that feel, a boxer made from wood? We believe you'll soon want nothing else. Because every time you put on your Saint basics, you automatically make the world a bit better-looking, purer and fairer. And it feels great on your skin. So ... are you made from the right timber? Try it now!

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