Article 1 - Website access

Website access and usage is strictly personal. This website, or the information and data provided may not be used for commercial, political or publicity purposes, or for any commercial offers and unrequested electronic offers.

Article 2 - Website content

The Saint Basics brand, and the property rights to images, texts and technical applications used on this site, are protected by law. No reproduction, repetition, usage or amendment in any form, partially or in full, is permitted without the prior written consent of Saint Basics.

Article 3 - Website management

In order to run the website properly our administrator may, at any time:

  • restrict or block access to part or all of the website
  • adjust or remove all information
  • temporarily make the website unavailable in order to perform updates

Users cannot derive any rights from these changes or interruptions.

Article 4 - Responsibilities

  • Saint Basics is not responsible for any failure, malfunction, disruptions or interruptions in the functioning of the website.
  • Saint Basics is not liable for any legal action against users caused by their usage of the website.
  • Saint Basics is not responsible for any (alleged) damages caused by your connection to or use of the website.
  • If you involve Saint Basics in a dispute caused by your usage of our website, we are entitled to claim from you any resulting damages.

Article 5 - Imagery and offered products

No rights can be derived from any visual material accompanying products offered on the website.

Article 6 - Applicable law

These terms of use are governed by Dutch law. The District court of The Hague has sole competence to hear any disputes relating to these terms and conditions, unless a legal exception applies.

Article 7 - Contact

Any questions regarding the use of this website and the corresponding terms and conditions can be sent to Saint Basics, Attn. Peter van Akkeren, [email protected], +31859090354.