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A fresh invention from mother nature

Did you know the best innovations come straight from nature? Like our super-soft basics from eucalyptus. They're naturally anti-bacterial and will keep you fresh for days! So you can wear them longer, wash less and still smell good.

Our eucalyptus basics are 95% more eco-friendly than conventional products. And 100% free from nasty chemicals, sweatshops, child labour and unfair trade. We believe they’re the most feelgood basics you’ll ever wear. In fact, we guarantee it. Don’t feel good about our basics? You’ll get your money back!
So be a Saint too. Start your day with a good feeling about your natural self. And help us spread the love of nature. Together, we can make the world a nicer place.

Saint Basics. On a mission for natural feelgood.

It feels good to ...

get comfortable

Our basics are super soft, great fit, anti-smell, and have no scratchy labels. And are 95% more eco-friendly than conventional products.

stay fresh

Smelly armpits? Good news! It isn’t you, it’s your clothes. Our eucalyptus basics are anti-bacterial. You can wear them for days and still smell fresh.

buy happy & healthy

All our products are made in a happy, healthy workplace. For a fair price. That’s certified.

protect the planet

No sweatshops, child labour, pesticides, harmful chemicals or water spill. We’re the #1 green brand in the Netherlands.

be an original

Did you know we’re on a mission for feelgood basics since 2009? Someone had to be the first!

There’s a secret ingredient that makes our products special. With this ingredient, we design a product you can love, like and share. We’ll tell you what it is at the end of this journey.

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Our journey starts at the cotton fields at the Aegean Sea. The organic cotton there has a long fibre. And the longer the fibre, the softer the fabric!

go to the cotton fields

Another journey starts in the forests near Ermelo … in South Africa. This is where the trees for our Eucalyptus products are grown.

explore the forests

In Austria, the wood pulp from these trees is turned into fibres that are super soft on your skin and even softer on the environment. The whole process is zero-waste and received an EU sustainability award.

Visit Austria

All fibres, both cotton and eucalyptus, go to our clean, fair and social production chain in Portugal. The first stop is a a spinning mill, where the fibres are turned into the high quality yarns for our fabric.

see the spinning

These yarns are knitted into very soft fabrics. They are coloured and printed with natural, non-toxic dyes. 

go to the fabric house

Our garments are made with love by skilled workers in Portugal. No sweatshops or child labour of course!

visit the factory

Our products are transported by road from Portugal to our warehouse in Alphen a/d Rijn, the Netherlands. By producing within the EU, we choose the shortest way possible.

We sell directly online. No shops or middle-men! With the money we save, we support charity and give back to our clients and workers.

Well … that’s you! Be a Saint, join our community and give us your opinions and inspiration! We’ll make a product you can really love. And together we will change the world ... from the bottom-up!

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Be a Saint. It's easy!

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