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St. Julia SS Upcycle

Give this shirt a second life!

This shirt has remained on our shelf. Don't ask why, because the quality is excellent. So let's not throw it out, right? Give this shirt a second chance. Choose a new color and we will freshen it up for you. As an extra, we also offer a great print!

Please note, you order this shirt via a pre-order. When we have collected all orders, we will get to work for you. After the pre-order period is closed, you will receive the shirt in approximately 30 days.

€ 17,50
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Ordered before 22:00, shipped the same day!

You can order until midnight 5 May

When the clock strikes 0, we'll start processing your orders. Be quick, products available while stock lasts!


Save this shirt!

Did you know 65% of all clothes end up on a landfill? While your can still wear them with pride! That's exactly what we urge you to do!



A sturdy look

After you've ordered, we'll give your shirt a fresh new dye. With stronger colours, this will accentuate the stitches. That's what we want, because it will give your shirt a new, sturdy look.



A great print

Designer Jarr Geerligs made a special print for you. Because you live from the heart, as we can tell by your interest in these upcycling products. Be a proud advocate for a nicer, cleaner world!



We'll do it together

In the evening of 5 May, the clock will stop and we'll get to work for you. Together, we make the world a bit more healthy and beautiful. Thanks for being a Saint!


Dutch Design made in Portugal
GOTS certified by CU 846890
Saint Basics BV