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Saint Basics is the Feelgood basics brand

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It feels good to ...

  • get comfortable

    Our basics are super soft, great fit, anti-smell, and have no scratchy labels. And are 95% more eco-friendly than conventional products.

  • stay fresh

    Smelly armpits? Good news! It isn’t you, it’s your clothes. Our eucalyptus basics are anti-bacterial. You can wear them for days and still smell fresh.

  • buy happy & healthy

    All our products are made in a happy, healthy workplace. For a fair price. That’s certified.

  • protect the planet

    No sweatshops, child labour, pesticides, harmful chemicals or water spill. We’re the #1 green brand in the Netherlands.

  • be an original

    Did you know we’re on a mission for feelgood basics since 2009? Someone had to be the first!

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GOTS certified by CU 846890
Saint Basics BV

We are GOTS certified. Our GOTS products are organic, meet strict environmental requirements, and are made under healthy, safe and fair working conditions.

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All our products are OEKO-TEX certified. This means they contain no harmful substances that can irritate or damage your skin.

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Did you know we are the #1 sustainable basics brand at Rank A Brand? For 7 years in a row now!

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All our products are made with respect for nature, people and animals. Therefore, we are PETA approved.

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