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Wooden underpants?

Soon you'll want nothing else!

Please allow us to surprise you with the best basics you'll ever own! Check our design collection boxershorts, hipsters, slips and loose-fit shirts that feel fantastic and drape around your body in a great way. They're super-soft, airy and inhibiting to bacterial growth. So ... a delight for your skin and no smelly business. And they're super-eco too!

Now what if we told you the entire collection is made from ... eucalyptus wood. That may sound weird at first. But soon you'll want nothing else!

The secret behind the comfort of our collection is TENCEL® lyocell, a relatively new botanic fibre, made out of eucalyptus wood from FSC-managed forests in South-Africa. The fibre has microscopic channels that let the moisture of your body evaporate rapidly. Consequently bacteria have little chance to develop, keeping you nice and fresh.

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softer than silk • cooler than cotton • better than bamboo

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Better for the planet

TENCEL® lyocell is a 'next generation' fibre with excellent ecological properties. Where cotton production is highly water intensive and requires a lot of farmland, the water and land usage of eucalyptus is extremely low. And of course no pesticides or artificial fertilisers are used whatsoever. Please click the percentages below.



Compare eucalyptus to cotton

Environmental load
Water use
Land use

Are you made from the right timber?

So how does that feel, a pair of wooden underpants? We believe you'll soon want nothing else. Because every time you put on your Saint basics, you automatically make the world a bit better-looking, purer and fairer. And it feels great on your skin. So ... are you made from the right timber? Try it now!

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